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I think my wife is having an emotional affair

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I have a strong feeling my wife is having an emotional affair with her business partner. There are many issues that if I make 1+1 comes 2 but I don't know if this is my head or if this is true.

For sure my wife is clever to hide it but emotions are impossible to hide.

Recently we where together in a mall and she told me she is going to find a book in a book store, she went and after 5mins I also went to the book store to find a book for myself. I saw my wife and I wanted to make her a joke from her back I went behind her without she realised as soon I was approaching she took the phone a dialled this guy (I saw the screen of my wife phone) and started to speak with him. It was a really bad feeling for me its like she had a affair went away sitting in the cafe.

Then she came back to the cafe. She told me she stayed long because her sister called her. I secretly checked her call logs and the log did not showed the call log of this guy, so it is obvious she deleted it. She had a log of a call to her sister but it was Outgoing and 0 secs long..

I challenged her and told her she called this guy, when she went to find a book. She admitted it and started to tell me I am crazy bla, bla, bla

I told her I found it on her phone log (which is not true). She told me it was a business call and if she had something to hide she will delete the log. In fact that is what she did she deleted the log.

Why the heck she did so?

The next day she started to tell me I don't love her, I love her for her looks, I need to stop being jealous about this guy, She also look very sad.

I feel really hurt, really betrayed and I just cannot cope with this thing anymore.
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A few pointers.

Now she is aware your onto her she will take this underground.

She is pushing back as she knows you dont have enough hard evidence.
Get a VAR ( voice activated recorder) and place it in her car, strap it firmly so it does not shake lose.
Who's name is the phone in, If you have access to her account get hold of the logs from the mobile company.
Do you know the OM's wife , if not find out where they live and her contact number , you will need this later on.

For now you snoop, dig , pry, be calm, don't reveal your hand and bluff your way though the days ahead . Say nothing to your wife of the affair or discuss your relationship but get firmer evidence of the affair.

Read the newbie thread thread below:
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