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A man can sexually kill himself from too much masturbation....He can become his own greatest lover....The Porn is his woman in heat...It can get so that the only way that he can get off is by looking at her sexual parts....Yours are not the same...They need stimulating....Hers don't...This alone is the killer of a man's libido...You have three choices...Life the way you know it....Get some good vibrators and do yourself whenever in heat.....Or find another life.....Good luck...


Bull pucky.

a vibrator is not a replacement for the need to feel desired, wanted, sexually attractive, etc. to your partner.

it's a relationship need. i have the same problem.

i even check out the porn he's watching. he likes "normal" situations, nrmal looking girls, no porn stars. natural girls that look like me doing normal things. this is what he gets off to and i hate it so much. i stated in another thread about his problem. he has 'performance issues' from what i can tell. probably some other problems too, but i won't get into it here.

you should NOT have to buy a toy as a replacement for your need. it's not the same. have you told him exactly what you posted? how you feel? how strongly you feel it? what have you tried? what kind of porn does he watch (unrealistic, or voyeur, etc)?

i don't doubt his love for you, he married you! mine is the same, i KNOW he loves me very much. if he loves you, and you make it very clear to him how you feel without guessing games, he will want to make some sort of change or compromise.

show him your post if you can't get the words out. he might feel upset by it and challenged by it, he might start a fight about it, or ignore it. i don't know your hubby...but it needs to be know EXACTLY how you feel.

suicide is not the answer, as stated before. this is a fixable problem. i feel, if all else fails, a divorce might be in order or an open marriage, something... something to show him you are serious.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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