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I need someone to talk to about a problem and I dont know how to start

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My husband told me he is having an affair and emotional one at this stage as he hasn't meet the person yet. It all started on facebook. After one of the children found some text messages on his phone. He asked the child to answer the phone and the text message prompted the child to look at other text messages.

They stormed off to their room and when I asked what was wrong. He calmly told me he was having an affair. An emotional one at this stage as he hasn't meet the person yet. It all started on facebook. Their is many factors in our relationship at the moment that are not reasons for what he has done but since finding out and discussions together over the last few days. He has now completely broken down and tomorrow is seeking counselling at his work as it has affected him their. Their is so much moe to say but I dont know if I should say it all or iI am allowed to go into details. I just need someone to talk to as this is tearing me apart.
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Maybe start by reading some of the posts in the Coping with Infidelity section of the board. EAs are VERY, very common. And - if handled correctly - don't have to be the end of a marriage.

Not sure why you don't think you can talk about details here. For now - I would keep this board to myself if I were you - until you get a better understanding of what you are dealing with.

Good luck.
If you get too wordy, people may not read it all. I guess a "brief" introduction is usually a good start.

Again - you can post anywhere you'd like - but you'll get a stronger reaction - and possibly better feedback in the Infidelity section.

After you type a bit - and get some advice and questions - your story will start to come out.

I know I'm wondering how your kid is doing. So - your child basically "outed" the affair?
I would tend to agree that he is dealing with a major depression.

Someone needs to talk to your daughter - help her understand that this isn't her fault.

And seeing a counselor sounds like a good first step.

So sorry. That's a lot to deal with. Focus on yourself and your daughter. Be supportive of your husband - but know that he won't get better unless he's willing to commit to some therapy, medication, time, etc. You cannot fix him.
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