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I feel like im destroying my marriage

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I haven't been on here before but really need someone to talk to. I have move abroad been here 8 months now. Since move my husbands been through a loss and his work had been strained. He used to be out daily now we're together more and he;s not coping.
I have no family here other than him and our two children.
He has had all his family over for hildays back to back for the last 5 moths parting till the early hours andI have been the one cleaning up after them.
He has now had two family members come and live with us here in our house and they pay nothing. they are supposed to be getting jobs but it has not happened in three months.
I was to start my own business but have yet to do it as I have never done it before and am daunted by the prospec tof all the work needed doing. I am on my own trying to set up and can not speak the language.
I feel isolated and alone. I am miserable and all his family smirk and agree when ever it is said tha tI am in a mood. They are very similar and live hand to mouth and without respect for others.
We have had a family member of his living with us for the past two years. I want my family back just us on our own. we have been together 10 years.
I snapped out of my annoyance about the constant partying in our new home with my being the cleaner but now I cant get out of the negative thinking I am in.
I also wanted another child cant get it out of my mind he doesn't and unfortunately I fell pregnant not on purpose but had a miscarriage and now feel completely rubbish. I have just said I am fine about it because I don't want to upset him but I am not. I feel really alone.
He walks around grumpy most days snaps at me all the time. Is currently out drinking with his cousin with out telling me.. He has alot going on but seems to not want me around him. I have no one else so feel I need him.
He is usually kind and loving but I am feeling that we are drifting apart. theres so much to write I don't know.....
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A married couple needs their own space. Whether family members or not, nobody should be hanging out in your home longer than maybe a few days. If I didn't have a job, I don't believe I'd be spending much money celebrating. He actually does have a job. His job is to find a job and he can't do it properly if he's staying up all night partying.
He does have a job, hes burning the candle at both ends. He just thinks i'm moaning when I complain about having people here all the time. I can not be in my own home alone, ever! there is always someone here. I'm starting to feel he is doing it to put some thing between us so he's not bound to be alone with me.
I just want to stop feeling the way I do. I want to perk up and show him what he;s missing but I can;t seem to snap out of the negative thoughts re occurring all the time. Or the thoughts surrounding the people living here. I try so hard to not judge and to try to be okay with things but I am not I am really not and he makes me feel wrong for it like I am the Antichrist or something
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