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I am wearing a 36k Bra help

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My boobs just seem to be getting bigger and bigger.:(

It's just so hard to find bras to fit.:scratchhead:

There is no way I can wear anything tight as my boobs sick out for miles when I do.

I purchase a Dorren bra the other day and it is like a bullet bra.

I thought it would play me down.:scratchhead:

Anyone else with the same problem ?
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I'm also a bit top heavy (DD), OP, but I've discovered the joys of the Aah Bra. Not terribly sexy to look at, but they do come in some nice colours and they're amazingly comfortable.

There are some generic brands around which are cheaper, and I also find them to be really good support.
Don't like the idea of having an op it's a big op and you could die

Doctors don't seem to tell people the risks and there are big risks
This has always been my worry, too, Jane, but as you get older the weight of really heavy breasts can cause back problems... I have osteo-arthritis in my neck, and I'm wishing that I'd had the op years ago. The double Ds haven't caused the problem, of course, but they can't be helping it either.
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