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I am so bummed...

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That there are this many of us so active on this board on Thanksgiving. I've been so oblivious to how many people must be hurting on a daily basis. Geesh.

I hope you all are having the best holiday you can.
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Doing good fWW is working and the kids are chilling, had a awsome dinner MIL made last week end with the relatives. It filled my house but it was good to do that once a year.

Ya wierd to have Thanksgiving last Sat. but MIL came from out of state, and it gave all the other relative a chance to have another Thanksgiving with others today.

So here I am enjoying helping others and supporting them.

3 years ago I was in a very dark place and this sight helped a lot so why not return the favor. Or I could go out and clean the garage......not!
I'm here posting between cooking... well first had to wake up and take Advil cause I’ve been aching all over this week.

In early Oct I was in a car accident… some young lady hit my car from behind on the freeway. Luckly neither of us was seriously hurt. But my neck and back were jarred. Then two weeks later I took a pretty bad fall in a parking lot.

Since those two things I’ve been hurting. The headaches have done away but I fell 99 years old some days.
Yea I’ve been to doctor’s, got xrays.. they say it’s nothing serious.. just feel like crap some days.

So between cooking and cleaning today I’m sitting here typing ignoring the aches.

I did send the non-husband to the store ‘cause I forgot pie shells and I’m not making crust from scratch this year…

Lazy lazy lazy
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Well, we could all be out having affairs to fill the void! LOL! It's a daily struggle, holidays sometimes the worst when you get the reminder of how they snuck off to wish the AP "Happy Holidays" or how things just don't flow any longer. That's what I woke to this morning. "Our house just isn't the happy house everyone used to gather at". Uh, yeah...that's one way to put it.

Happy Thanksgiving! It's still a great day, be thankful for what we have, even the sh!t that makes us better and stronger.
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I am thankful there are so many who care enough to be on here on Thanksgiving. It is a BIG help.
The Mrs is actually working today on the hospital floor and i visit TAM and the other forums i peek into between the two little ones being fed , changed , played with and now they're both napping hhhmmmmmmmm time to take a nap myself :)

We'll all be going to grandmas and grandpas later this evening once my wife gets out of work !

Enjoy the day everyone !
But I'm doing what I WANT to do. I'm not hurting. I'm thankful I'm an American and living in the 21st century and have choices. I turned down three invites not because I'm ungrateful for the company, but because I am my family, I am thankful I'm on my own side, and honestly, I love having an entire day to myself, doing what I like doing, without having to worry about time constraints of having to be somewhere other than where I'm at. Heading out for a walk soon, then indulging myself with work (more or less finishing up a phase of a project), and a bilingual movie. And whatever else floats my boat. I'll get to my friends on Sunday, when I go to Quaker Meeting and dance. Until then, it's just me and the dog and the cat. I finally plugged into online radio listening and Netflix :-o
Fixing up my Facebook pages, going off on forays reading for work, and whatnot.... In the groove. I had my last turkey-chard empanada from the freezer, to keep in line with the cuisine of the day. :)
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I'm only a few weeks post-DD, so the holiday was pretty much called off. Too raw. It has always been our fav. of them all, so tough day.

Thinking of you all.
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