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Im finally at the end, I can't take anymore! This man will not keep a job to help support his family for nothing and it's so sad. I work from home full time dealing with angry customers, so it's very frustrating. I love my job I make good money but I didn't get married and have 4 kids just to be doing it alone. He done went on so many interviews this year, most of them hired him he will work a few days and quit. Gets really defensive when I talk about a job to him. Not really a good father because he only discipline our kids instead of building a bond with them. They afraid to even come to him and talk about anything. What annoys me the most is he still expects sex. We literally don't talk or have a connection. I've tried to talk to him about taking care of his self more, seeing a Dr etc and he gets upset about that. He has let his own self go and talk alot about his childhood and how he was brought up. Everytime our kid does some he always comparing them to him as a kid. I'm not secually attracted to my husband anymore like I get anxiety if he touch me. I guess this is a chapter of my life were I just got to end, because expecting him to change and he hasn't yet will continue to be a waste of my time.
My marriage was like yours. We are finally getting divorced. For over a year he didn't work a propa job, all now he is still struggling financially. He got very angry and bitter with me towards the end and pretty much tried to pin the blame on me, that I was disrespectful and I didn't care ect ect... what this has to do with him being broke is beyond me. When a man decides he doesn't want to do **** all with his life, especially when he has a family to take care of there is very little you can do. My husband believes he really did try, but his own interests and free time is all he really cared about, these are the type of men that don't want to make sacrifices to care for their own family. They don't want to work hard and support the family. You are better off without, believe me there is better out there.
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