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Me: Mid 30's, lonely, and ready to get it on.

Hubs: Early 40's, rarely affectionate, not touchy feeling, and doesn't seem to even want sex.

We have our issues, the typical ones (never enough money, I'm bossy & he's lazy, too much sports on TV, I don't cook & clean enough, he's too quiet & I talk too much).

I've read books, tried silly tricks, worn ****ty clothes, seductive clothes, the school girl look, been subtle, been aggressive, been coy. I've discussed calmly, argued, cried, prayed, argued again, cried again, and discussed calmly. Bought toys, accessories, and stimulants, gotten him drunk, offered to watch porn with him, given BJs and HJs and even offered to back it up to see if that perked his ears.

Nothing doing. For over a year the most action I can get out of him is manual stimulation, usually after a BJ, and it's not all that good, to be honest. Even with coaching and showing him, it's rushed and not sexy, tender & seems like he isn't enjoying it.

I'm an open kinda gal, I'm willing to do things in the spirit of love and making each other feel good. But I also enjoy tender intimacy.

What's a gal got to do? I'm stumped, besides slightly high BP, he's healthy, the equipment works, and I'm a cute, fun wife who wants to make whoopie with her husband. I'm sick of dillying myself watching videos. How long can I be expected to hang out without affection before I go batty? I want to leave. Emotionally and physically he's checked out on me.

Help me out, folks, advice? Tips? techniques?
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