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I've been where you are and did fix it. It didn't happen overnight but I did fix it.

Things you need to do:

1) quit being bossy
2) stop talking so much
3) no more discussions about sex. Ever.
4) don't raise your voice
5) don't cry
6) don't argue
7) talk minimally and be pleasant
8) let him go emotionally
9) get a good vibrator or dildo and stop pestering him for sex
10) get a life including friends, a hobby, something that isn't husband focused.
11) take good care of you for YOU not him

I did this for TEN MONTHS and my husband began to come around. 8 months after that and my husband can't keep his hands off of me. See what has to happen is you have to change the dynamic that you're stuck in. You're too available, too easy and your actions are a turn off.

Dealing with a passive, quiet, lazy man is hard but it can be done if you can learn to speak their language. :)
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