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Does anyone do these ?

I do ... I try and get out at once a month with mine and we do something special ... either breakfast out or dinner out and soo it is a good time too.

We talk about all sorts of things too. Other times we get away for weekends { 3 days weekends } which means we pack up ah suitcase 4 a weekend away which means we leave on Friday an return on Sunday.

We pack just what is needed for the weekend ...

~ Change of clothes { be sure to know what the weather is }
~ Bibles so that we can read & share
~ Notebook w/ pen to write notes
~ Camera ... that is if we are planning on doing site seeing
~ Strawberries & Sparkling Cider / Grape Juice / 2 glasses

So, what we do is get away in the SPRING TIME as that is when our anniversary is and we find some place close that we both like & then in the FALL we usually go someplace special where we can see the FALL COLORS and so ... we have been doing this for 10 years and it has been wonderful to get away from all the noise, computers, kids ... phones.

And, we can just enjoy each other's company !!! So, if you do have fun funds to get away try this ...

* first thing ... find a sitter for the kids { if any }


then lock yourselves in the bedroom with the MOVIE & POPCORN and CANDLES and just have a good time and it does not cost a lot of money to have a great night out with your loved ones !!!
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