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Husband 's birthday tomorrow

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It's my husband's birthday tomorrow. Last year I planned a surprise party for him, there were 60 plus people there, I ordered an awesome cake, had the room decorated in black and silver with red flowers and balloons. I also planned a surprise of dancing girls to come in and they were birilliant. There was a Dj too and he played all the songs my H loves. It was an awesome evening. I can't help remembering it now, and am so sad at the current state of affairs. We've never been apart for birthdays and this is the first time. I really miss him. I'm going to be busy tomorrow which will help some but not enough I suspect. :(:(
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Am also wondering if I should call him. I have these thoughts that if I don't call or message he will think I don't care. And if I do, I know my 180 will be compromised. I'm sure I know the answer but if you have any thoughts please share. Thanks
That sucks :(

Sounds like the things you're remembering so fondly were things YOU caused, though. That's your ability to bring happiness and joy that you're thinking about, not his. Remember that!

You're right, you do know the answer. And yes, staying busy is a good idea too.

Love yourself.

I do know the answer and I'm going to do the right thing for me today. Definitely won't be calling texting, messaging, emailing. My 180 is what keeps me sane and that's more important to me than anything else. Off shopping today for a cute outfit to wear to my friend's thanksgiving do on Saturday (in Wales, UK)!
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