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Husband is "too tired" for sex?

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I'm 21 years old, and am married to a 34 year old man.
At first he was very physical, we made love multiple times a day. For the first year, I'd say. We have a 6 month old child, so of course that had toned down for a little while... but it is at the point now where he only wants sex about once a week. I have lost all the baby weight and I do things to surprise him and keep him interested, but he always says he is too tired.
At first I was worried about porn or maybe another woman, but watching him he really is tired. He goes to bed at 8PM, and has no energy. He always complains that his chest and stomach hurt. A doctor told him he had low testosterone due to pain medications he has been on for a few years.
I don't really know what to do. I'm sexually frustrated and of course it hurts my feelings when I get turned down after presenting myself to him, but then I feel bad for even pushing the issue when he says he doesn't feel well.
Has anyone else dealt with something similar? Should I be worried about an affair or can a guy really be so tired that he loses interest in sex?
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I'm 34 and have a chronic illness that includes fatigue. I do my best to have relations with my partner whenever she asks but sometimes I'm just to sick to do anything.

He really needs a full work up. He could be anemic also from internal bleeding which can cause low energy.

Maybe he could qualify for emergency medical assistance from your state?
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