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We have been together for 7 years and married for 6 years in the beginning when he would be the big bad biker guy it was sexy in the bedroom. But now that we have two daughters and he wants me to dress in see through and micro mini skirts in front of them I just can’t do that. I take pictures for him and him only (naked) and pics of us together then two years ago I find him on a swingers site trying to set us up and sharing my pictures with strange men. He said he was sorry and that he would quit. Of course I find it again a year later. This time he is pretending to be me and getting videos of men jacking off to my photos. When I confront him he just says that he likes the way men respond to my photos it makes him feel more like a man. I told him it makes me feel violated. He swore to me he would never do it again. Granted on there he hasn’t that I know of but now I find out he is sharing photos of me and videos and getting some in return from his friends and their wife for the past two years along with offer me up to have sex with his friend!!!!! When I confronted him he just said it’s because his friend and his friends wife are going through some things and his friend hasn’t been laid in over a year I told him I don’t care!!!!!! Of course this just happened. On another page if I don’t have sex with him daily or allow him to rub on me in my intimate parts even in front of the kids continuously then I get the guilt trips or he gets angry or the continuously jacking off 4-5 times a day. What do I do???
He wants you to dress provocatively in front of your daughters?!?!?! ..... This has more red than the chinese communist flag. In my opinion, he needs medical help from a psychiatrist today. He seems like a sex addict and borderline child predator.

I don't believe there is anything off limits in the bedroom between two married people who are into it. But him trying to farm you out like a pimp to friends is about as low and disrespectful as it gets right above physical abuse.

You need to get off this forum and get those kids out of there and lay down some rules with him..... 4-5 times a day masturbating, I didn’t even do that when I was a pimple faced glass of testosterone discovering porn at 15 lol.
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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