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That's so interesting you posted this. Something I posted a little while ago in another thread with regards to a man having major spending problems:

Your husband sounds manic. Mania is the opposite of depression - it means a person is unreasonably optimistic about everything. It's usually caused by bipolar disorder or drug abuse. Stimulants like meth cause mania, but the mania goes away after the drugs wear off.
Have you ever noticed that car dealerships always have free coffee? Coffee is a powerful stimulant. It's not as powerful as meth, but it has the same effect of making people a bit more optimistic and a bit more willing to spend money they wouldn't normally spend.

I have been married to my husband for 5 years. It has been some what rough. He has been arrested for stealing,
Mania will do that. If a person is absolutely convinced they can get away with it, then why not? Compulsive stealing is called kleptomania.

Well one, he has a bad spending problem. This isnt what is strange, but what is strange is that he spends like there is no tomorrow and doesnt really try hiding it. Well he tries hiding the receits, but he knows I can call the bank or see the bank statement and see all that he has spent.
Easily explainable by mania. The manic stage of bipolar disorder can be extremely dangerous because people do ridiculous things like buy a new truck they don't need or have unprotected sex with lots of different people. This applies to drug-induced mania as well. There's a strong correlation between using meth and catching HIV because the manic episode caused by meth leads people to believe they don't need condoms. It can also lead to really dumb excuses because they're confident that a dumb answer is good enough. A lot of prescription drugs increase dopamine firing in the brain, and those drugs usually have a warning about mania. Some people have done things like take an MAO-B inhibitor to treat parkinson's disease then suddenly they have an extreme gambling or shopping addiction. Is he on any medications, or is he naturally manic like this?

Now our family is going without things we need, like food and a vehicle because we cant afford right now to get insured until next month and he acts like he has done nothing wrong at all. He has denied all wrongs. When I finally did confront him that I knew he didnt pay on the insurance, he turned it around on me, and he said that the reason why he quit paying the bills was because I am uncommitted to our marriage.
It's possible that he really doesn't believe he did anything wrong. Mania is also linked to depersonalization. Depersonalization is hard to explain because it doesn't make sense unless you've felt it before. Depersonalization is when a person doesn't feel like they are in control of their body. It's like your body is on autopilot, and all you can do is watch. This is actually a very common side effect of drugs. Some people experience depersonalization when drunk. Depersonalization is also very common when taking a drug like meth or PCP.

This is not him at all. He sneaks around, he lies quite a bit, I catch him just about everyday in a new lie, he isnt even good at it anymore, he is annoyed and mean to our kids and he acts like our bills are no worries or concerns to him and that I am just a worry wort.
Classic sign of mania. When my doctor gave me a certain drug, I remember him saying "if you suddenly feel like you have infinite money and bills are not a problem, immediately stop taking this medication." The medication was a dopamine stimulant.

He will even become angry for and flustered for what seems like no reason at times. I ask him what is wrong, and I always try (not perfect at this but make an effort) to be calm and ask him whats wrong and if something is bothering him. He just yells and says "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS THINK SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME, JUST LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE"!
That's very common in people who have bipolar disorder.

Why Drugs For Parkinson's Cause Mania:
For starters, what is parkinson's disease? It's a condition of very poor muscle control due to a lack of dopamine. Somewhere in the chain of reactions to create dopamine, there is a problem. Maybe phenylalanine is not converted to tyrosine properly. Maybe tyrosine is not converted to L-DOPA properly. Typical dopamine boosting drugs like amphetamine do nothing to treat parkinson's because those drugs can only release dopamine that is already in the body. The proper treatment for parkinson's involves boosting the amount of dopamine created, and this is done by taking a supplement called L-DOPA. Similar to taking 5-HTP supplements to boost serotonin because 5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin, taking L-DOPA boosts dopamine because L-DOPA is the precursor to dopamine. In addition to creating more dopamine, the treatment can also include a drug that prevents dopamine from being destroyed. The enzyme responsible for destroying dopamine is called MonoAmine Oxidase (MAO), so drugs that block this enzyme are called MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI). The MAO enzyme has 2 variants, A and B. Blocking MAO-A is usually for treating depression, and blocking MAO-B is for treating parkinson's disease.

Taking L-DOPA and an MAO-B inhibitor at the same time can have the same effects as taking a regular dopamine releasing drug like meth. Doing things like drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes can make this mania even more extreme. Your husband should try lowering his dosage of L-DOPA or MAO-B inhibitors because mania would indicate that his dopamine levels are too high.
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