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I've known for some time that my husband has a problem with alcohol. He has stopped drinking all the time and limits his drinking to only once a week...however recently when he drinks he stays up all night long listening to music loud (he doesn't think it's loud) and he has been drinking about a case of beer.

I've told him that this bothers me, the amount of beer he drinks concerns me in several different ways. The staying up with him and being worried that he is going to hurt himself or break something is getting on my nerves. The laying next to him afraid he is going to choke on his own vomit or just stop breathing because he has drank so much is getting tireing.

To top all of this off I have parents that are both alcoholics so his drinking like this really messes with me emotionally.

I told him that I can not as a person deal with the way that he drinks and instead of him understanding what i'm saying he says that my smoking is not socially acceptable and he doesn't like the smell of it. That his drinking is socially acceptable and there is nothing wrong with it, he just thinks that he shouldn't drink as much as he does.

He told me that if I stop smoking he would quit drinking. He said this to me almost as a challenge, as if I can not do it, and then he will have something to throw back at me when I tell him that his drinking bothers me.

I have wanted to stop smoking for some time, and I am ready to stop smoking for well as the kids and him, but I only hope that he doesn't come up with some excuse as to why he still is drinking once he sees that I can actually do it.

I want to ask any advice from people out there that have dealt with someone like this before. If something like this has ever actually worked, and what to do if I find out that he is going to continue to drink even though he knows to affects me severely and I am willing to end our marriage if it continues because it does this to me.
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