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To me the female vagina is a very complex organ. Unlike men that all is required is a rubbing of the penis to obtain orgasm, bringing a woman to orgasm is much more complicated and a lot more involved. It doesn`t take much to put women off sex, such as past traumas or events, beliefs that sex is dirty or a sin and also a woman has to be really into a man to get turned on. Men perceive women as sexual beings, in-fact men see every part of a woman`s body as sexual. As for the G-spot, I`ve never found it. One fact I do know, the 2 best aphrodisiacs for women are money and alcohol. The 2 ways that helps women let down their inhibitions.
Some years ago a married female coworker in her mid 30s told me on occasions she`d have a sexual encounter with another woman and her husband was OK with that.
I asked her why? She replied, because a woman knows how to get another off better than a man because they have more knowledge of the female anatomy and I guess there is a lot of fact in that.
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