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How to last longer

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I always feel that my wife is enjoying sex the most right as Im about to cum..but how
can I delay that feeling? She likes it when I flex my ****, it gives her a similar feeling as
when Im about to cum but the problem is it speeds up the process..

I can orgasm several times in a row, and usually after 2-3 times she wants no more,
but if I could only last longer maybe I could give her a giant orgasm out of it..

Ive been thinkin about trying two condoms at once...
masturbating a few times throughout the day might help as well..any other ideas?
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I pull most of the way out and just kind of tease her. Not all the way out, leave just enough in to give her sensation without me feeling so much of it. 30 seconds or so is all I need to quell the swell. Then I'm good to go on full steam. She tends to like all the variation anyway.

And bear in mind, not all women WANT to cum every time. Some like the build up. That's how my wife is. It took me years to wrap my mind around this but that's how she is.
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