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My thinking is its been 20 years. 20 years of not practicing. It's going to be like the first time all over again.

Use your words. Tell her to lighten up, go slower, use her tongue. If I had not given my husband a bj for years, it would be terrible.

After giving them for 17 years I'm just now getting good. Sex is not like riding a bike. You remember the feel of peddling. You remember the wind in your face, but the mechanics of keeping the bike up has to be learned again.

Just keep at it. Keep it nice. Get the lines of communication open. Maybe you could suggest keeping paper towels or tissue by the bed and she can spit into that.

Drink pineapple juice and eat spinach, watermelon, and eggs. Multi vitamins.

Just keep in mind she won't be a pro at it. It takes time.
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