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How many times are you turned down after initiating sex?

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I know the results will vary for this but just curious to see how other couples rate.

In my situation:

I’m Male 42, Wife is 40 (two kids early teens)

Together for 25 years. Married for 17.

She initiates 1-2 a year. I probably get turned down 6 out of 10 times I initiate.

Sex usually 2-4 times a month.
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I find it fascinating that in many of the relationships/marriages that there seems to be asking, bordering begging/pleading. I wonder why this happens vs the spontaneity and letting things happen naturally. Is it that ppl just get too damned comfortable with each other and it allows them to stop trying? Generally relationships go through ups/down or cycles, whatever you want to call it. It is when there is a major shift that differs from the norm that is the cause for alarm. About 4 years ago we had our issues and we were going through a low cycle. I actually started a log/tracker to review a daily/monthy couples review solely for my own knowledge and comfort. Over the years I've found we as a couple have some interesting cycles but 5-6 times per month seems to be our sweet spot. Could it be more, sure but it really depends what is going on during those said months. Some will think its crazy to do this but I think you would be amazed if you tried it for a year or two. Always learning!
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