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Ah... men sometimes... these answers....smh

K.C. awesome question

I think its fairly natural for men to equate affection with sex
The issue comes when only sex will fill your affection bank
This puts both you and your spouse in a precaious spot
You don't feel loved unless she's f*cking you
And she feels like she can only show you love by f*cking you, which puts her at a disadvantage when she is unable to do that due to her illness

So you start to act less loving towards her because you're not being loved (f*cked) by her
And that hurts her feelings and make her feel used

Wouldn't you feel used... if she felt the way you loved her was by buying her expensive things
Then you lost your job so she started being less loving because you can't provide her with stuff

You want to be more thank a bank account
And she wants to be more than a vagina

A good idea to think about, when she can't f*ck you because she's sick, is to think about all the other ways she tries to show love to you
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