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in my mind, I think what would I do if my wife tried to reconcile (we're in the process of divorce, 24 years, she cheated blah blah blah)

I can think of little she'd be able to do to give me a feeling of loyalty and trust, security or hope. Can you say the same about yours?

See that's the thing ... it takes years to build it but once its broken its very very hard to build it back because inevitably the cheater will be found to have more hidden lies, more things not told, continuing cheating etc

This week ... my wife didn't lie to my face. She didn't abuse me with her pretending to love me. She didn't take advantage of me. I wasn't involved in her fake games. She moved out, so I also didn't have anyone to sleep next to, no hugs, no kisses .... so I weigh it

and I think I'm better off without her sorry ass and I hate to say that because she was an incredibly wonderful woman. but who she is now ... I don't want a person like that, nobody does. I'm better off

maybe you are too - think it through hard on IF she came back .... and how it could all go. for me? mine couldn't do anything to make amends now. She had chances and didn't do them because she simply didn't love me

I know that now - and its hard to admit.

for everyone
21 - 21 of 21 Posts