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Hello. My wife and i are newlyweds going on 6 months, however we've been in eachother's company 24-7 since March 2013, traveling and working together on the road.

We are very much in love and i'm crazy about her. But since this is my second marriage, i'm trying my best to not let little things put a distance between us by allowing resentment to build, which i know, can kill a relationship.

She's the girl of my dreams in EVERY WAY, except, she's one of the most mindless people i've ever met. She's very smart, and has way more practical wisdom than me, but she's almost never present. This leads her to constantly forget things and lose things.

On almost a weekly basis, she leaves her phone somewhere. I'm writing this because, just an hour ago, she again left her phone behind while we were walking through a casino. Just last week, she left her phone in an airport restroom. Each time, she's been very lucky in that someone turns the lost item in and she recovers it, though not without the stress upon her and myself while we run around looking for the thing.

She tells me to get used to it, since before we met she tells me she had lost 10 phones, and 8 purses in 1 year!

It's not just personal items she forgets. I have to retell stories to her on a regular basis, reminding her of who certain people are, what they did, repeating myself again and again.

I totally understand her, being a scatter-brained artist myself. I used to be like that way back in college when i was working full time and attending college full time. I lost things and forgot things all the time back then.

However, our lives as traveling artists is relatively worry free. We're either driving, doing art, or exploring some wilderness somewhere.

I dont know what to do. I get stressed and usually give her a hard time for it. i've even resorted to telling her she's going to have to deal with the lost stuff herself without my help just so i dont enable the behavior, ( though i always to an extent lend her a hand, i do love her afterall ) but the other stuff, like forgetting stories, people and details just cant be overlooked.

Anyone have any experience with this that has had a positive outcome?
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