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So find ways to address her issues...

For example purses with a long strap so she can wear them over the shoulder or across her chest.

Or a fanny pack. For years I used a fanny pack when I went places like the store so that I would not forget it. It's also very hard for someone to lift a fanny pack. Before you say that they are not stylish enough.. there are some very pretty, ones on the market.. even some that go with a ballroom gown.

For her phone....You can get phone sized purse like bags that she can wear around her neck. Some have room in them for credit crads, etc.. kinda like a wallet.

I would never, ever go into a place like a casino with a purse that I had to carry. They are way too easy to leave behind. Plus, casinos always have a few very good pick pocket types wandering around just waiting for a woman to put her bag down.

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1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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