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Has anyone heard of or read Athol Kays books?

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I don't know where to put this but since the books are about relationships I'll plop it here. He has some stuff aimed at guys but I'll likely be checking it out to see what he's all about.
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I'll probably end up reading the book just to see. From my findings I'd say it would work better for young guys dating than older married guys. I'm quite far from the "typical" woman though, whatever that is.
Actually it's a lot more applicable to more mature men in long term marriages.

Young guys and guys in new relationships are often naturally doing a lot of the things that make them more sexually appealing to women by default.

It's the guys that have been married/LTR for 10-15+ years that have let themselves go and have gotten into the "yes Dear" routine of becoming betatized and complacent in long term marriage that need to get off the couch and bump up their sexy.
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