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Has anyone heard of or read Athol Kays books?

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I don't know where to put this but since the books are about relationships I'll plop it here. He has some stuff aimed at guys but I'll likely be checking it out to see what he's all about.
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The bare bones of it is good so far but he has a feel of "make her feel easily disposable" to me and I don't like that. Yes I do enjoy it when other women "notice" my guy but for me the sexiest thing is him not noticing and staying focused on me. If he were to make it feel competitive I think that would weaken our foundation.
I think it’s more of “be the best version of yourself” that you can be, and then she herself will feel disposable when she notices that other women are noticing him. If he’s focused on you, and you see women notice him, you will be more focused on him. That’s all most guys want.

If he has to point out that he’s being checked out by other women, and that he has options, that whole premise is gone.
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