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Re: Fiancées tattoo.

No you are not unreasonable. If she needs a tat at 32 for whatever reason, and it is a deal breaker for you, the it is what it is.

The real issue is her doing it in front of her friends in order to shame you into accepting her decision. She knew you would not like it and thought you would cave.

So that shows a complete lack of respect for you are your feelings from the start.

What pissed her off is that you had the balls to tell her to FO, and now she thinks she is losing control of you.

No, bud, you did the right thing. And you need to stand your ground.

Lose this battle or stay with her after the tat, and you have lost yourself respect.

She is testing or being selfish, or just stupid. Does not really matter which one.

If that is what she is doing, guess what, it is a bad sign for a marriage.

And think about this. Traditionally, when you are married you become one flesh. Do you want to have tats on our flesh?

No, you are on target with this. And you don't what to let yourself be bullied about something like this.

Does not bode well for the future relationship...
The post you quoted is two and a half years old.Since then we got back together,had a baby that is twenty months old and got married.
And no ****ing tattoos!!
Thanks for taking an interest though.
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