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Stonewalling is a defense mechanism.

Building a mental wall is to keep out those alien thoughts.

It is a signal to 'not go there'.

It also is his way of hiding his weak underbelly.

Rather than fight he clams up.

Some here say it is a control mechanism, that could be the case.
It also could be the case that he controls his own emotions by going silent, and not responding.

His verbal gun is empty of bullet points in his defense.
Or, his mind goes into static mode, with that white screen display.

His parents may have verbally abused him.
He learned to eat his own emotions by not talking back.

I am not defending him, he is a grown man and needs to do that on his own.
Or, not.

I would divorce him and stay single and date around.

When your latest partner crosses any line, you send him home, forever.

Just Sayin'

Are Dee-
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