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I'd never date someone with a close opposite sex friend or someone with poor boundaries with the opposite sex.

I've heard it all: "You're controlling!" "You wouldn't act this way if he was a girl!" Lol. Damn right their sex matters and the woman that called me controlling was the most controlling woman I've ever met. "You're insecure! You don't trust me!"
Yeah I don't trust that behavior. And yes, that sort of behavior makes most intelligent adults insecure. It's basically abusive.

A lot of people wouldn't be ok with opposite sex friends. Work it into your dating conversations.
Hanging out one on one with an opposite sex friend is a date. Calling it something else, labeling them 'friend' - doesn't change anything. It's juvenile and generally points at some underlying issue like a personality disorder.

Make a male 'friend' just find some guy that wants to bang you and start hanging out with him. See how your husband enjoys that lol.
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