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Yeah. She's has money. Shes a member from a local popular casino so she gets per cap. But anyways... You seem more angry then I am. But thank you for your opinion anyways ..
I'm not angry..just frustrated that you're so desperate to stay with this liar that you're willing to continually delude yourself even when you KNOW deep down that everything I said about him lacking character and lacking integrity is correct.

I see women doing this all the time and it's frustrating as hell. Women who continually sell off little pieces of their souls just to desperately cling to losers who have done nothing but lie to them, disrespect them, and take advantage of them and others. And they're willing to close their eyes and lie to themselves and tell themselves whatever they need to believe in order to continue clinging to him.

Lastly, even if that woman DOES have money to burn, how does that justify your husband's crap behavior in ripping her off? And you can self-delude all you want, but the ugly truth is that he took the money and ran because she wouldn't have been able to take him to court had he done the right and honorable thing and paid her back the money she loaned him. That's just a fact no matter HOW you try to sugarcoat it or pretend it doesn't matter.

I calls them as I sees them. No delusion here.
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