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I have to think that your old lady doesn't have the submission required to help you heal and make this marriage work.

So you going to have to heal on your own, so with that said why do you need her around?

its been my experience here at TAM that it goes 2 way in confronting, 1) Wayward gets pissed off and walks, only to come back the next day for forgiveness now that they see what they are about to lose 2) Wayward gets scared and asks for forgiveness and is a shamed of the morality and then the next day realizes that they will not submit to this crap and regrets apoligiling in the 1st place.

Since the later is your deal, you can have with the up most confidence that she has stepped out and there is no need for you to sit on the fence with this matter....cuz this matter (the marrriage) is over.

See the mind set your STBXW has?

The analogy is this; when getting pulled over you are very nice to the cop even though your were speeding, but once you get your ticket and the cop is gone, then that said cop is the biggest POS that ever was.......even though you were in fact speeding.

So some folks drive off from getting pulled over saying to them selves " damb I cant believe I was speeding"...while other folks say " phuck that cop, how dare he write me a ticket. Even thought both types of people were very nice and apoligetic to the officer.

You got a lot of great advice from the vets here at TAM. I just wanted to add my anoligy to help clear this up for you.

Then again I may have confused you more. lol
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