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My previous post was about my wife not coming home til 4 in the morning with an answer for everything
My wife hacked my account which I originally planned, so she could at least see what others thought ;), my planned back fired and she automatically had to defend herself.. anyway now I have another account ..(private) and I would like to say ..Just Fu&&* it , I have never been the kind of person who has to chase after a woman to get her to like me , so Y should I start now? I thought the whole plan of being married was to at least rule out being lonely?
well as it stands, we have not had sex since a month before my first posting I am assuming about three mos.. I have lost the desire too anyway. just making a point... by the way she still is a smart ass,nothing good to say, full of *****, and hate average person. I know this is not what a happy marriage is about. so I'm guessing its over without saying..., But I really am at the point where I dont give a fu(*(*
so if you read my other post
this post will make more since.
P.s to all of you people out there struggling with your marriage
my advice is : don't go through anything that is not benefiting you or your marriage if it's not a mutual thing. I have been through hell just because I didn't want to pay attention to what my gut was telling me. You do have a brain and a sense that something is wrong.. "FU**IN PAY ATTENTION" OR YOU'' BE ON A SITE FULL OF STRANGERS TELLING YOU THE SAME THING YOU ALREADY KNOW!!, ONE THINGS TRUE, THAT IF NO ONE TELLS YOU THAT YOUR STUPID, YOU WONT TELL kudos to this site and for the support of others,.

my equation is this
married = communication+ respect(marriage is a job)
communication = two people working together for a common goal
respect = treat others how you would like to be treated
if you add this up and it doesn't equal marriage
somethings wrong! don't leave the store when the total doesn't add up...(this is what I did)
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