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"And you have another account (private)" .......Yes.. this tells me that you are very into having open communication with your wife! NOT.

Okay, I understand that:
You are just venting.
Your wife is probably cheating (or you found that she did cheat).
You are mad about it.

But... IF you are trying to save your marriage & have more communication with her... I DON'T think having private accounts is the way to go. Or did you start a new private account, just so that you would have a place to vent?

If so... I can understand that. It is better to vent it out (even typing anonymously on a marriage forum) better to have that vent, then to bottle it up all inside & have rage against her.

I take it you are going to split? Or are you still trying to decide if it is going to be worth asking her to do some counseling?

I couldn't tell if you are at the point of accepting the end of a relationship, or if you are still at the angry stage of losing trust in your mate.
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