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Complicated, like everyone else

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I have been married for nearly two years, we were together a total of 5 years. I am happy with my husband. He is a wonderful man. He has stepped in and raised my 8 year old daughter from a past relationship as if she were his own.
When I was young(20) I was in a very intense relationship with a guy I was completely in love with. I got pregnant. We both were thrown out of our parents homes, I dropped out of college. But we were so in love, even being homeless didn't matter. Eventually his family accepted the situation and we moved in with them. But I was an emotional wreck knowing that my entire family had disowned me and our child. So I constantly asked if we were doing the right thing and maybe my mom was right and we needed to have an abortion. This was not at all what I wanted, I just wanted my family back. After an arguement over this I left, moved home with my mom, whom I told I had an abortion. After several weeks of no calls from him my mom (who had figured out my lie) talked me into an abortion. It is the biggest regret of my entire life, which if you knew some of the paths I have chosen you would understand. I never saw or spoke to him again after that.
For the last twelve years I have been searching for him and his family. I have never even come close. Then the year I was married I stopped looking. I was busy, I thought about him still almost daily. I just chose not to look anymore. It was during the first year of marriage I bagan to lose passion for my husband, probably even months before the wedding. The year before we were married we had sex 1-2 times a month if he begged enough. And since, it has only been worse.
I am not sure if a lot of people go through this or not. But I seriously would be SO happy if he said "Honey let's never have sex again." I thought it was my age that I just lost the desire to have sex.
Until three months ago when I, out of sheer boredom thought I would look for my ex from so long ago. One search and I found him. In his photo he was holding a kid. He looked really happy. So I wrote to him and told him I was sorry, but glad he had found happiness, as had I. That started us talking A LOT. All my feelings for him have come back. I love him. And I feel even more passionately for him now than ever before. We met once, and I kissed him. All I want is to leave my perfect husband and be with my ex.
I told my husband everything and he said I can not leave and I am breaking his heart. He is insisting on marriage counseling. I love him, but kissing him is like kissing a cousin. I just don't feel anything anymore. If I leave I will someday look back and regret it. If I don't try and salvage what my ex and I once had, I will wonder for the rest of my life and continue to be in the pain I have endured for the last twelve years...

Anyone who can help me, or give some advice I would love it. I know I probably sound like a nasty *****, but I am not, I just am emotional and SO incredibly confused. Sorry this is so long, but like I said it is complicated...
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I think you have forgotten what love really is.
I would work on that, work on yourself. Learn what the principle
of love is and apply it to your life. Realizing the fantasy of the past is just that is a good start.
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