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This. Even if it is a reserve retirement.

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Maybe, we'll see. There is a fair amount of nepotism in the reserve components starting at the O-4/O-5 level, and I've never been one to boot lick or use my W to get ahead.

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Getting banned @ SI, in many cases, is a Badge of Honor!

this was said in a post:

What he said!!!!!!!
You're acting more like a cub scout than a Marine! You sure you were not really a squid!



As a "squid" with a LOT of Marine friends - I was a bit incensed and my "profile" has me as having had and EA with wife doing similar with a lot more -

I don't remember my reply on:

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Default Posted: 6:39 AM, February 3rd (Wednesday), 2016

but I am sure I was suitably blunt (aka "inflammatory") in commenting on the jerks post (since banned himself)

I still read there and read your story - I commend you on your decisiveness and well-focused plan of action and follow through.

I cringe at some of the "advice" and posters who have no backbone continuing to waffle in confusion and inaction. And continue to post "Woe is Me!"

I keep reading there to get lessons on how NOT to behave!

Obviously you didn't need any lessons when life (in the form of your ex-mate) dealt you a Merda Panini

I am Viet-Nam vet (aka OLD FART!)

I like TAM as the message is a bit more clearly spoken (much more often without excessive elucidation)

Semper Fi

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For those who peruse both TAM and SI, here is some information about the original poster of this thread:

From Mangled Heart, the Webmaster of SI:

"We had suspected for some time, but we now have conclusive proof that less than a month before starting this topic LtCdrLost was here as a wayward spouse under the name Hiram and subsequently banned.

It is bad enough to troll an infidelity forum, but to also falsely portray yourself as a Naval Officer is a low I don't believe we've experienced in the almost 18 years since founding SI."

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81 - 83 of 83 Posts
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