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The jelly doughnut maybe??? for some reason too many of the acts that come to mind include fecal matter :confused:

Separately, being in a somewhat similar situation as you in terms of a high drive, do you find after going a long stretch you would rather not do anything? I guess best way to put it, at least for me, having sex makes me want to have more sex, so having sex once and then not again for a month plus actually adds to the frustration instead of helping. Not sure if that makes sense.
yeesh. fecal matter or violence. those are my only options? :surprise:

Yes!! The knowledge that i will spend at least a few days after we have sex wishing for more sex can sometimes almost ruin the experience. I have been mid sex act, and completely lost my ability to orgasm when suddenly the only thing i can think of is that after this i'm not going to get any sex again for a while.

i have had Mr. 68 want sex after a long stretch, and been resentful. yes, i'm going to feel great today, but how about tomorrow? and next week. and the week after that.

Too many times have i heard "No! we just had sex two days ago!! ::acts exasperated:: like i'm a bucket under a leak that he just has to keep emptying. Waiting him out is far less demoralizing.

anyone have any suggestions for that? it can be a bit of a mindf***.
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