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That would likely trigger Armageddon.
So what?

Is she worth your silence?

Is she worth her fault, not talking about her salt?

Salt, she is full of; oh, and bile.
Those two mixed give you stones.

Stones that block your happiness.

What are you getting out of this marriage, except, more of this, walking-on-eggshells drama?

My God, man, the woman has you seeing a therapist; yes, all because of her knotted up personality.
She needs to be put in her place, a place, far-and-away from you.

Your children are almost out of the house.
All good.


Our most valuable possession is our body, with it remaining in good health.

She is discounting your health, and disregarding her role as a kindly mate.

She is not your Mother, nor your boss.
With that in mind, fire her, discharge her from her duties.

Freedom can only be had if you seize it.

It is within your reach, plan for it.

King Brian- I am a Crowned Head, and thus, never mired down in drama. I command it away.
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Shouldn't I be? Does anybody look forward to impending cataclysmic struggle?
Look forward to it, not with glee, rather with flee, in mind.

Are you looking at this primarily from that financial impact it will have on your life?
She makes twice as much as you.

Hmm, as I see it, you will not pay any alimony.

In fact, you will get a liberal, a freeing dose of antimony, Sb, when you divorce.
That should stiffen the lead in your pencil.

Not only will you get out alive in the divorce you will be a good catch for an actually kind, and employed lady.
These ladies do exist, just not at your home.

I see that you are tired and frayed.
Why are you afraid?

Your wife, sounds the bully, do not be her punching bag.
Do the rope-a-dope down the street.
Get yourself free!


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I don't disagree that I avoid confrontation and I certainly haven't firmly established boundaries which is why the current dynamic exists. The only issue is how unhealthy the fighting is. Hours on end of venom spitting is dispiriting and up to this point has accomplished nothing beneficial.
That avoiding is understandable.
Who enjoys a verbal tongue-lashing?

Stress is a relationship killer, and a health destroyer.
This stress is what she proliferously offers you.

Not the below:

Quiet times
Spontaneous intimacy
Inspiration and encouragement
Mutual likes and activities
Loyalty in all its aspects, minus any infidelity


It may be that pipe dream for any man to fully expect the totality listing above from a significant other.
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Just a thought'

If you are on anti-anxiety medications, this may explain your lack of zip.
And/or, some other meds can have the same side effects.

Many of them turn you (somewhat) into a zombie.

Some of them also add to the male, Peter Principle problem.

These meds detract men from their maleness.
The peter retracts from sight, from verbal slights.
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