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bfs family doesnt like me

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well bfs family doesnt like me, he is super close with them and since hes been dating me has spent more of his time with me...we are 28 btw..not hs kids. its always been his choice if he wants to just stay home with me.....his and sister and i got into an arguement and it was my fault...i apologized but she wont accept i told my bf while he was at work that i really needed him to lean on today and i needed to talk to him after work but not to worry about me...he tells me he will be late....i think he had to work over....nope he was over at his sisters house for 2 hours consouling his sister....while i waited at home in tears hoping hed walk through the door, so when i asked why didnt u come to me when i needed u...he family needed me and i put family first, your not my wife yet, and it crushed me....even if he had done wrong to someone i knew id stand by him....not by the wrong he did...and especially if he apologized and did his best to mend me even tho were not married...he is my family too.....i dont know what to heart aches...and now i have to go lay in bed next to someone that thinks im 2nd until he puts a ring on my i wrong in all of this???? help me
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Why does his family not like you?

So much drama and you aren't even married yet. You may want to rethink your relationship with your boyfriend. It won't be any better after marriage. Also, making him choose between you and his family won't solve any problems either--only create new ones.

My daughter and her boyfriend recently solved a similar problem. My daughter got tired of the family drama at the boyfriend's house. She left and told her boyfriend to never call her again. She told me she couldn't envision herself playing a role in the ******* drama for the next 40+ years. You may want to ask yourself that question.
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  • How long have you and bf been dating?
  • How long have you and bf been living together?
The argument was obviously a very SERIOUS one; sometimes apologizing isn't enough. Sometime people (his sister) need some time to PROCESS what happened, the apology, live with it for a while BEFORE they feel they can move on.

Depending on HOW LONG you and bf have been dating, it might bode POORLY for you that he is choosing his family OVER you. Just because he hasn't put a ring on your finger is no excuse; you two are LIVING TOGETHER! For all intents and purposes, you're ACTING MARRIED (joint finances, living together, having sex, sharing a've done EVERYTHING a married couple does EXCEPT say some 'magic words'.) He says you're "not his wife yet", but you two are surely sharing EVERY ASPECT of your life like a married couple!

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