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I don't know where I am hormonally (I'm almost 52 with a VERY regular cycle), but I'm also short (only 5ft tall), and I love food and eat anything I want...but I don't eat tons of it. I don't have a huge appetite. I LOVE chocolate (especially very dark chocolate!!), so I eat a small handful of chocolate chips here and there (like, once or twice a day maybe?) And I love water, I drink it all day long.

I will also eat donuts or other desserts sometimes, when I want to, but I'll only ever eat 1/2 or less -- I don't like to get FULL on junk food, I like to enjoy a taste or two of it, that's what satisfies me.

I tend to limit my carbs, but that's only because they make me feel tired if I eat too much. I do eat raw fruit every day for breakfast, because it's so yummy and makes me feel good!

The important thing for me as a former anorexic (in my teens), is that I never feel like I'm restricting myself because there is something WRONG with ME. And I think that's a healthy mentality for most people. I make choices about what to eat based on how my body responds to the food I put in my body, and how I want to feel. I want to have energy and feel healthy and good (NOT "thin"). If you look at restricting your eating based on punishing yourself for being fat, or making poor food choices, you are going to feel BAD and it's going to limit your success.

Also, as far as exercising, I have to recommend YOGA. There are all types - from gentle to crushing!! I'm sure you could find something that would be easy for you if you checked YouTube! The important thing is to stretch and move your body every day, even just a little bit, because it keeps you feeling young and strong!!!

What you want to do is take care of your body, because you want to enjoy your life and feel good, whatever that means to YOU!!
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