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I've always been someone who struggles with weight sadly. I'm short and generally know my base metabolic rate is low, and so to avoid gaining weight in reality I can't have the same varied diet many others do, or I should have minute portions of it in order to ensure calorific balance, and then I'm left hungry.

I've never been highly active which adds to it, that 'buzz' people get from exercising has always eluded me. I'm asthmatic, I just feel ill after, even with inhaler use, so I never stick to it.

In the past, I've been able to manage my weight (to a point) with diet which allows one cheat meal a week. Unfortunately this also means I yo-yo a bit. I'm now in peri menopause and find that isn't working as well as it has previously. I always get motivated when I start to see the results, but it's so much slower now.

What's your best tips for a diet that leaves you satiated but helps shift the lb's even when your hormones are going haywire?
Have you tried Whole Food Plant Based yet? I know the general publics obsession with meat fish and dairy but I dont miss them at all (and if you need a kick up the arse to get going and stay gone watch a documentary Dominion). Seriously, if you watch the processed stuff (like bread) and high fat stuff (like 2 avos a day) you can eat what you like and you should lose weight and the sense of well being is great.
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