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Ammo is so expensive and hard to come by here right now, so I don't think the shooting range will work for us (at least not at the moment). I do want to try axe throwing though.

I also think a zip line would be fun. A bit scary but also exciting.

As for OP, I think any date that shows effort, shows you are thinking of her, will be a good one. Hopefully, she'll return the favor some time.

I like it when we take turns choosing dates/restaurants etc.

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Panic rooms are fun. While we joked beforehand about being divorced by the end of it, we had a lot of fun. Lots of laughter during and interesting to see how our different strengths combined together. There were a couple of short moments of frustration shared yet still interesting to see aspects of ourselves in that setting and our shared dynamic. The staff said how good it was watching us as we worked so well together as a team. And we remain married. :p Went to dinner afterwards and were still laughing over some of the aspects of the game.

Exploring nature trails and hiking is a good one. We do share a lot of fun banter with various activities, and with nature scenarios it's no different. However, last one we went on we saw a 'trail' from where we were that steeply went upwards. We decided to start going up to see how we'd go. While sometimes I'm inclined to forge ahead with something, I'm also scared of heights and wasn't wearing footwear with much grip. Halfway I turned to see how it'd be getting back down. Batman was slightly ahead of me. I momentarily froze as I couldn't see how I'd manage to get back and told him I'd have to just live out my days there now. Fear cloaked in dramatic joking. He came down, nonchalantly, and positioned himself in front of me to help. While I was telling him I didn't know how I'd manage to get down, he was reassuring me that all I needed to do was one step. And so I took the one step. Pause. Okay, now just do this step. He relayed that panicking wouldn't help and I just needed to keep it contained to what was right in front of me - that being one step. Needless to say, I made it down. :LOL: That might sound like I'm a pain-in-the-wotsit to some, yet it was still a great date. Plus, even though we have been together for many years and I know him well, it did highlight to me how he approaches certain things... and how I could learn from that.

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But I wonder how anyone thought it was a good business model to combine ax throwing with drinking alcohol.
Good business model absolutely. Look at how many people are willing to pay for something others do for free on their own properties. lol

Safe / sane -- hell no. I can't imagine what the liability insurance on this business costs per month. :eek:

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As my user ID implies, I’m trying to be a better husband.

I’d like to know what’s been a fun date idea that you planned for you and your significant other. I doesn’t have to be romantic, though that probably wouldn’t hurt.

Thanks for brainstorming with me!
Cook dinner and have a sincere conversation.
It can be one of those concierge type meals.

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Any date is the perfect date to me lol. Things I'd LOVE:
A helicopter ride.
Hiking to a waterfall
Jumping in a giant ball pit (why don't they make them adult size?)
A day riding coasters
Berry picking
Those photo booths where you dress up in old timey outfits
An arcade to play ski ball and air hockey
Going to a playground and him pushing me on the swings
A chocolate tasting event!!
Horseback riding (if you can do that with no clue how lol)
Go carts
A comedy club
Dinner on a train
A murder mystery
Camping in a yurt
A night in a tree house hotel
Going crabbing or on a chartered fishing boat
A day shooting "big" guns
Sitting in a hot spring
Going to see fireworks
Biking rail trails
Riding one of those horse carriages through the city
Finger painting a picture together
Doing something together for someone else without them knowing
A mud run
A lantern event
An inflatable race
Tubing down the river

Yes, I really do want to do everything lol
Truly tho, the perfect date would be going for a walk, him holding my hand, telling me I'm beautiful while he hands me a bouquet of flowers he'd picked along the way. Sometimes the best things don't cost a dime :)
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