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Any date is the perfect date to me lol. Things I'd LOVE:
A helicopter ride.
Hiking to a waterfall
Jumping in a giant ball pit (why don't they make them adult size?)
A day riding coasters
Berry picking
Those photo booths where you dress up in old timey outfits
An arcade to play ski ball and air hockey
Going to a playground and him pushing me on the swings
A chocolate tasting event!!
Horseback riding (if you can do that with no clue how lol)
Go carts
A comedy club
Dinner on a train
A murder mystery
Camping in a yurt
A night in a tree house hotel
Going crabbing or on a chartered fishing boat
A day shooting "big" guns
Sitting in a hot spring
Going to see fireworks
Biking rail trails
Riding one of those horse carriages through the city
Finger painting a picture together
Doing something together for someone else without them knowing
A mud run
A lantern event
An inflatable race
Tubing down the river

Yes, I really do want to do everything lol
Truly tho, the perfect date would be going for a walk, him holding my hand, telling me I'm beautiful while he hands me a bouquet of flowers he'd picked along the way. Sometimes the best things don't cost a dime :)
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