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Are you ok with this?

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Hi married ladies

My husband started carpooling with one of his female co-workers like 8 times and each time it took two hours (from a city to another, my husband only visits on weekends as we work in 2 different cities). After that they became so friend that they started to chat during the work and sending multiple messages to each other during days.

My husband talked with me about her that she is nice, genius and cute! and that he enjoys talking with her.

Now she took off from work for a year and she will be back after a year. and she is happily married (what we can interpret by seeing their public relation).

We started to hang out with her and her husband a few times but every time I didn't feel ok knowing that my husband is a special friend with her.

I talked with my husband that I am not ok with their relationship and every time he assured me that there is nothing special and there is just a friendly chat. He is even nicer to me since he noticed about my jealousy and how I am worried.

I became so upset and asked my husband to stop sending message to her and he said ok I talked with her and we won't chat through message anymore but we still send few messages and email because we are too friend with each other.

My problem is that I don't want her to be my husband's friend. And I cannot ask more from him to stop this relationship because he is already so upset claiming that I cannot trust him!

So ladies would you be you ok with this situation, and what would you do to fix the problem?
You can just say "yes" or "no". Because sometimes I think maybe I am the one to be blamed because I am too sensitive.
Any help is very much appreciated.

ps: We are happily married for almost 2 years. He got job in another city since last year and I hope I join him in next 6 months.
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You need this book

Dr. Shirley Glass - NOT "Just Friends"

I would not be ok with that situation, but my husband has cheated on me. The book above talks about windows and walls. Your husband has a window open with this woman, but it doesn't sound like he's put up a wall with you.....yet. The book talks all about how to handle such situations.
Nope that wouldn't be okay with me. We have a rule of not being alone with people of the opposite sex so the carpooling would be out.

The only reason my husband would do that is if he had no choice.

Thankfully we are both funny about opposite sex friends. We agree no good can come from them so we don't do it.
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