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Am I wrong about my feelings about him and her?

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I have been with this man for 24 years and we have a adult son together. My boyfriend who started talking to another women online he says they are just friends. That he was talking to her because is is in a abusive marriage. I was ok with that until I walk in the room and he hides his chats with her from me. He said it is her private life stuff and none of my business. I feel if he has to hide a conversation with another women from me that he shouldn't be talking to her. This went on for a year they would chat on yahoo messenger . I would tell him how much it hurt me that they would talk for 6 to 8 hours every night and not spending time with me. her and he wouldn't . I sent her a message about how she is tearing up out relationship. Here is some things she said to me copied from her message.

1. i haven't told him to change...he spends a lot more time online for it nly to be with me.

2. we talk about music, life singing..Contests that's it...I'm not gonna run away with him...nor do i wanna break you two up.

3. him and i are close friends

My feelings but not sure I'm right

I am so confused is he talking to her about her marriage or what she said they talk about?

I think if her husband was abusive to her and she said he don't work he would know she was chatting online with him and not aloud it to happen.

I don't see any husband letting his wife talk to another man online all night in private and not get mad or stop her or leave.

She always uses fake names online but I have pics of her she has posted to other sites of her. I want so bad to know her real name.

I hope someone has some advice that will help me know if I'm crazy or if I am right about this .
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I have put in 24 years of my life with him and I love him more then I could ever say. I just want him to see I am the one who has been their for him through thick and thin. I just want him to love me and want to be with only me. It is hard to just walk out the door when you have been with someone that long. I am glad I'm not loosing my mind and it isn't my imagination. Contact her husband I wish I could so he could see what she is doing but myself I don't think she has a husband if she did no way she could spend 8 hours a night online with my boyfriend. I think she says she's married to get married men to think its ok to talk to her. I don't know her name do I have no way to find her husband. She has pics of herself on 3 websites under fake names. I have tried and no luck.
I don't want to sound crass and mean but this is the exact wrong thing to think. I have been there so I am speaking from experience.

You are the special one and you are important so stop acting like you need him so he can treat you like utter crap. You stand up and live your life great and enjoy it. He has to make his choices and if he chooses to be stupid then you should be grateful he chose to not be with you. I am sorry you are here. You want something that was only make believe. See the world for what it is. This man is not who you thought he is... See him in his totality.
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