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That is so seriously tough.
You have made me stop and think very hard.
Ages 6 & 4 is a tough one, they are so young, I am sorry to say this but the first thought that comes ot my mind is that you may end up being the "Uncle-Dad".
And the selfish me thinks, Is that a Bad Thing? I mean, they will always be your kids...and it is very nice to know they will have a good home in which to live in. So you have no fears about their care. But I totally understand your question: Are you even needed anymore?
You can and will totally love and be loved again for sure.
And yeah, what is stopping you from moving away to someplace new and starting again?
I would find it very hard and your story makes me thank God that my kids were 11 & 15 when my breakup occured. They will always truly be MY kids.
But those young ages...that's really tricky and I feel for your situation.
If you stay and make an afffort to be their Dad, it's all good but it occurs to me that you will forever be "hovering" around the Mother's life. And how do you NOT get competitive with the Step-Dad in all that?
I am sorry but if it were me and the Step Dad was in fact a cool guy that was loving and caring and the Mother had her life in good order, I would move away, start fresh in a better place, do that which I could not have done since I started a family instead....
You will always be their biological Father and one day they will come to you and perhaps start a relationship with you as adults.
It's a real tough situation. I am sorry it's happening to you.
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