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180 summary and a question

I reviewed the 180 and have reprinted the parts that I want for discussion below
12. Act as if you are moving on with your life.
13. Be cheerful, strong, outgoing and attractive.
14. Don't sit around waiting on your spouse - get busy, do things, go to church, go out with friends, etc.
17. You need to make your partner think that you have had an awakening and, as far as you are concerned, you are going to move on with your life, with or without your spouse.

You have to do the 180 list NOT to be manipulative but because it's the right thing to do for you. You have to heal from this experience. You have to back off for your own sanity now. You have to have a plan and know that you will be a better person with or without them after all is said and done -- that you will live and learn and move on no matter what. So you have to be geniune when you follow these ideas, rather than faking it and being insincere because your only goal is to get them back. That's not what you want to do. Having a certain person as our spouse is not a need, it's a want
I think that the parts above are so very important for those that are in an infidelity crisis.

It seems that some of the posters on this forum read this and do nothing of the above for months!

I know it is very crushing emotionally but what other choices do they have other than to:

GET a Plan, and DELIGENTLY pursue that plan with ACTIONS
Allow the emotions to dictate and gain very little or nothing?

The cheater that is in the fog usually will not listen to anything you say or if they listen they do not get out of the fog or change.

Why does the BS spend so much time trying work on the cheater?

For those of you that followed the 180 above what did you do and when did you do it?
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