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wife left .

  1. Wife Separated... Now What?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Over the last two years I have had problems in my marriage. I had already posted on this site for advice during that time. However, recently, my wife confessed that she had an inappropriate relationship with another man. I know the man. However, she said that while it was inappropriate, it...
  2. any advice helps wife is not sending clear msgs

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    OK married 10 years together 13. I'm 37 she's 42. I love my wife dearly but am not always good at showing her. On June 4th I found out she was texting an old boyfriend how they still loved each other and should still be together. The old boyfriend lives out of state. I confronted her and asked...
  3. My wife left me and took my little girl!! I so hurt

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    Ok here goes - On march second it was a Tuesday my wife picked me up from work (we only have one car) at we went home. Everything was normal I thought. I took my little girl upstairs for her evening nap, when I came back down my wife was looking really sad, confused I asked her whats was...