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  1. Sex in Marriage
    It's hypocritical for people to call out male sex offenders, but shame male virgins or stay silent when they're ridiculed. When you promote stereotypes like male virgins can't get laid and still live in their mom's basement, you're contributing to sexual violence committed against women. Men are...
  2. General Relationship Discussion
    My name is Joseph and this is My story I am 27 years old, a recent medical graduate from India.I have been single for my entire life,not because of how i look,but because i am humourous and i prefer to make everyone around me smile and happy even though i am sad sometimes.Most girls think i am...
  3. Relationships and Spirituality
    I am engaged to be married to a great Christian guy. He is a catch: handsome, hard worker, and i am proud of him. We have been dating for nearly 4 years. For the first year or so I was desperate to jump into bed with him, but we always resisted, saving ourselves for marriage. Now that marriage...
  4. General Relationship Discussion
    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum so I will try and be as brief and clear as possible. I'm looking for any outside input on the situation I am facing with my current boyfriend: My bf(mid 30s) and I (late 20's) were dating for a year and living in the same city until I left for graduate...
  5. Sex in Marriage
    Before dating my wife, I had zero sexual experience (no intercourse, no oral sex, nothing). As I dated and eventually married my wife images of her past sexual experiences did bother me a little, however I was able to not dwell on the past, ignore the images as best I could, move on and live in...
  6. Coping with Infidelity
    I have been dating a girl for 8 months and fell in love and wanted to get married. She always had told me that she was a virgin as am I and then i find out that she was lying to me. i'm heartbroken. What can I do to get over so much hurt?
1-6 of 6 Results