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  1. Single,virgin and loosing hope

    General Relationship Discussion
    My name is Joseph and this is My story I am 27 years old, a recent medical graduate from India.I have been single for my entire life,not because of how i look,but because i am humourous and i prefer to make everyone around me smile and happy even though i am sad sometimes.Most girls think i am...
  2. christian, virgin, engaged, nonplussed about sex

    Relationships and Spirituality
    I am engaged to be married to a great Christian guy. He is a catch: handsome, hard worker, and i am proud of him. We have been dating for nearly 4 years. For the first year or so I was desperate to jump into bed with him, but we always resisted, saving ourselves for marriage. Now that marriage...
  3. long distance relationship to engagement: how do you transition?

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum so I will try and be as brief and clear as possible. I'm looking for any outside input on the situation I am facing with my current boyfriend: My bf(mid 30s) and I (late 20's) were dating for a year and living in the same city until I left for graduate...
  4. Virgin husband struggling to overcome his wife's sexual past?

    Sex in Marriage
    Before dating my wife, I had zero sexual experience (no intercourse, no oral sex, nothing). As I dated and eventually married my wife images of her past sexual experiences did bother me a little, however I was able to not dwell on the past, ignore the images as best I could, move on and live in...
  5. Letting Go of Hurt

    Coping with Infidelity
    I have been dating a girl for 8 months and fell in love and wanted to get married. She always had told me that she was a virgin as am I and then i find out that she was lying to me. i'm heartbroken. What can I do to get over so much hurt?