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verbally abusive

  1. I'm a Verbally Abusive SPOUSE!

    General Relationship Discussion
    Over the last 5 years I have committed heinous acts of verbal abuse to my wife. My wife has finally put her foot down and has suggested leaving me. At first I knew I had a problem, and was embarrassed to share with the world. I gave her false promises of changing and never did. Now I'm at a...
  2. Help - Emotionally destructive broken Marriage!!!

    General Relationship Discussion
    Anyone who has any advise would be very much appreciated!! I have been in a very emotionally destructive marriage. I have married to my wife for 13yrs, we have a 9yr old boy. I'll just build a quick picture Our marriage has been destroyed by a number of factors mainly by going into business...
  3. can verbal abuse be fixed?

    General Relationship Discussion
    I have been in a relationship for 15 months now and we live together. We seriously talk about marriage but there is one thing holding me back... my boyfriend is verbally abusive... I feel like I figured this out pretty quick when we moved in together just 6 months ago and I started doing a lot...
  4. Major problems, I don't even know what to do anymore

    Financial Problems in Marriage
    I've been browsing this forum for awhile as a guest looking for answers, and finally joined this helpful community. I'm at my wits end right now over the financial issues my husband and I are having. A little background, I met and fell in love with my husband at the age of 21. He was 43 and had...
  5. Problem with SD & verbally abusive husband. Help please!

    General Relationship Discussion
    Hi all, I will try to give you a brief summary about myself. I’m 39, no kid. 1st married : 10 years, together for 13 years. Met him in College. We have 1 or 2 problems, like controlling MIL but nothing really matter. We clicked in everything. Reason for divorce : He cheated on me one time...