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  1. Vasectomy sperm sample disaster

    Sex in Marriage
    First let me say that I am a wanker. For around 25 years I have wanked regularly, enjoyably and successfully. Through good times and bad, even now married with kids I give my wrist a thorough work-out and it's all good with me. Never, ever, EVER have I found myself unable to perform this solo...
  2. 1 Week Post-Vesectomy

    Life After Divorce
    Divorced almost 3 yrs now and had my vasectomy last week Friday. I have to say I feel grrrreat! Interestingly the hardest part was not feeling anything but suddenly smelling burning flesh and seeing smoke in the operating room while "Dr. Kutzyernutzov" was snipping my lines. I do have to say I...
  3. Am I doing the right thing by getting married?

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Hi there. This is my first time posting and I am truly hoping to get some advice. My question may sound silly, but I am genuinely concerned about my decision. I am a 22 year old female and from what I've been told for the last few years, very mature for my age. I'm currently engaged to a very...
  4. Vasectomies

    Sex in Marriage
    We had a recent thread where a wife cut off her husband until he cut his off (his vas deferens that is). Now, I don't want to revisit that argument, because everyone felt that FORCING a spouse to undergo surgery is wrong. However one thing that stuck out at me was how the female posters, who...
  5. Wife has second thoughts about upcoming vasectomy

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    First, some background. My wife and I met in high school, date thru college, and married just after graduating. 2 years into marriage, we had a daughter. Almost 3 years later we had a second daughter. 6-8 months after second was born we both agreed that I would get a vasectomy. We waited a few...