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  1. Opinions wanted

    Going Through Divorce or Separation
    My husband and I have already decided to get a divorce. We have not officially filed yet though, mainly due to time issues(He works 60+ hours a week and I watch our 2 kids, work, and in college). Over the years our cars, house, medical bills, and kids have used any extra money we ever had...
  2. Wife's Spring Break Trip and Other Problems

    General Relationship Discussion
    I am in desperate need of some outside opinions on whether I am being overly possessive or if my wife is being unfair. Background: my wife and I are going through a rough patch right now. We have been married less than two years and she just went back to school. She has been extremely busy...
  3. In need of Advice about a situation

    General Relationship Discussion
    Long story short. This year for our anniversary we wanted to go on a cruise and didn't because we didn't have the money and we're trying to save for a house. We did something close to home and cheap. Now his best friend's bachelor party is coming up and he suggested to his friend they go on a...
  4. Wife on vacation with OM

    Coping with Infidelity
    She moved in with him 2 months ago, and we're one week away from our court date, and the two of them went to visit his dying mother for 6 days. For some reason this is really hard for me to take. Maybe because I feel that the reason he's taking her there is to possibly to tell her that they...
  5. Weekend trip without the little one

    The Family & Parenting Forums
    Hi folks. Long time reader, first time poster... My wife and I are planning to take a trip over a long weekend, without our 19 month old son (first born, currently only child). Grandma (her mother) is coming over to the house to take care of him while we're gone (and he'll surely be visited by...
  6. Husband going on vacation without me

    General Relationship Discussion
    I'm really worried... He'll be going to see his family and will be in Florida for 2 weeks. Now, this normally wouldn't be such a big deal to me, but I've noticed the last couple of times we went to see his family together, he talked to other girls online and asked them for nude pictures and...
  7. Overworked husband backs out on vacation

    The Ladies' Lounge
    Sometimes I felt that my DH works really hard without realizing that we both need a vacation. He says that he really really wants to take a vacation but because he's an enterpreneur he can not be irresponsible. I felt like our relationship is all work and no play. Several times he told me...